Own Projects:

CitySPIN Cyber-Physical Social Systems for City-wide Infrastructures. FFG funded project which aims to create a platform for cyber-physical social systems in order to facilitate innovative Smart City infrastructure services. Project budget: 629,000 euro. Duration: 10/2017 – 03/2020.

STAR – Software Architectural Knowledge Repository. Industry funded project by Siemens AG aimed at investigating the use of Semantic Web technologies for creation semantic and exploratory search systems on company specific document collections from the domains of (1) software architecture documentations and (2) descriptions of components for cyber-physical production systems. Duration: 10/2017 -ongoing

ETIHQ – Exposing Tourism Indicators as High Quality Linked Data. Funded through the PlanetData NoE, this project transformed TourMIS, one of the largest sources of tourism statistics in Europe, into a high quality Linked Data dataset. The project also developed a decision support dashboard for tourism managers that makes use of the produced dataset. Project budget: 42,500 euro. Duration: 10/2013 – 09/2014.

Open Government Data for Social and Business Innovation. Funded by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce (WKW), the project investigated the models of social and business innovation that have emerged around the Viennese Open Government Data. Project budget: 6,200 euro. Duration: 10/2013 – 10/2014.


Jointly Acquired Projects:

DecarboNet – A Decarbonisation Platform for Citizen Empowerment and Translating Collective Awareness into Behavioural Change. FP7 STREP project aiming to build a collective awareness platform in the domain of climate change. Including partners such as WWF, the project develops a set of technologies to initiate and foster social innovation, with the ultimate goal of changing energy consumption behavior. Role: proposal writing, CoPI for MODUL, lead of WP3: Collective Awareness Platform with research focus on the crowdsourcing aspects of the platform (during the first project year). Project budget: 2M euro. Duration: 10/2013 – 09/2016.

uComp – Embedded Human Computation for Knowledge Extraction and Evaluation. Funded under the CHIST-ERA funding scheme, the project focuses on building a comprehensive Human Computation (HC) infrastructure for supporting the acquisition of linguistic and factual knowledge. Role: proposal writing, CoPI for MODUL, lead of WP2:Human Computation Framework focused on designing the uComp HC frame- work and investigating hybrid-genre crowdsourcing (during the first two project years). Project budget: 2M euro. Duration: 11/2012 – 10/2015.

DIVINE – Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources. FFG funded project. Research focuses on the detection and visualization of knowledge evolution patters in large-scale, dynamic data sources. Role: proposal writing, research on using crowd- sourcing for the acquisition of multilingual language resources. Project budget: 629k euro.

SmartProducts – EU funded IP under FP7-ICT-2007-3, focusing on enriching physical products with semantic descriptions which allow them to be proactive with respect to their interactions with users and other products. Role: proposal writing; leading WP2: Semantic Modelling and Management of Proactive Knowledge and T1.3: Concepts for Proactive Knowledge in the first year of the project. OU budget: 938k euro; Project budget: 7M euro.

Coordination and execution of project related scientific work:

NeOn (03.2007-03.2009)- research on methods for ontology selection, evaluation and reuse, ontology alignment and ontology modularization. Function as leader of Task T2.2 on Ontology Selection, Evaluation and Reuse.

Open Knowledge (01.2007-03.2008)- research on dynamic ontology matching algorithms in the context of multi-ontology based, user-centered tools.

WonderWeb -(2001-2004) main focus on the semantic description of Web services. Extensions to OWL-S and its alignment to DOLCE. Methods for automatic acquisition of domain ontologies for Web service annotation.